LIoT: Demonstation environment update: Livion IoT solutions

The Internet of Things (IoT) connects sensors, devices and equipment to each other and to application. Computing devices embedded in objects, each transmitting data, are at the heart of the IoT. IoT products give us greater control over previously unconnected objects, such as door locks, lights and appliances; streamline business processes; offer insights into resource consumption habits ; and better connect us to the people.

LIoT project has added to the project testbed environment an IoT solution from Livion (www.livion.fi). The solution connects water meters in households or industry premises to the internet, making the water consumption data accessible at anytime and from anywhere. This can give new insights into energy efficiency and create new business revenue models at the water industry vertical. It is a good example of IoT, where we have connected things collecting data, giving insights that enable us to take actions.

Solutions combines IoT technologies with machine vision and automatic image processing to create real-time state of the water consumption. Backend part of the solution can e.g. form meter-specific consumpition models and then detected abnormal usage, e.g. leaks etc.

(Pictures below, left: a browser UI for a water meter query result. Right: image showing the device hardware installation at Kokkola university Consortium premises )