Arrow IoT summit

IoT - a strategy game changer - Arrow IoT SUMMIT 2016

LIoT project personnel took part in the 2016 IoT Summit held at Vantaa Airport Congress Center. IoT Summit is an annual IoT happening, where interested companies and organisations can get an solid overview of the wide ecosystem surrounding the Industrial Internet of Things. IoT Summit gave us plenty of ideas to develop new things to project's Living Lab demonstration environment. It also offered a good opportunity to build new networks to global parties involved in the IoT ecosystem. Below are some captures from the interesting events.

Speak by Tele2 Group's Rami Avidan
Vincit giving a talk about an MVP example project utilizing IoT (www.juhlapesu.fi) - Small projects have a higher change to success!
Cygate speaker first described their view of IoT application's building blocks and then continued outlining various cyber security challenges IoT brings us

Greg Peake from Texas Instruments: IoT is an enabling technology

Greg Peake: where we are now at the IoT landscape - Customer IoT vs. industrial IoT
Marc Jadoul of Nokia - IoT has an impact on almost all sectors

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