The project seeks solutions to help companies and educational organizations to meet the rapidly changing needs of the business community.

In the project, a distributed virtual learning environment for the needs of educational organizations and businesses is designed and implemented. In practice, this means designing and implementing video-based services and services related to self-directed learning and collaborative learning as a cloud service solution. The virtual environment utilizes video technologies and self-guidance and collaborative learning services to be developed in the project. The solution is a service-based and it enables production and distribution of educational videos. The solution is easy and quick for businesses and educational organizations to deploy.

In order to be able to do this kind of development, the project identifies the specific needs of a distributed virtual learning environment from the perspectives of educational organizations, companies and other organizations.

In addition, the project develops and pilotes pedagogical practices suitable for a distributed virtual learning environment. The results of the pilots are evaluated and analyzed, and the results are taken into account in the implementation of the environment.

To spread the results of the project and to support the development workshops are organized for educational organizations and companies.


Ismo Hakala
Tel. +358 40 7518 089
mail: ismo.hakala@chydenius.fi

Mikko Myllymäki
Project Manager
Tel. +358 40 5675 606
mail: mikko.myllymaki@chydenius.fi