Monitoring class rooms utiliing IoT

The LIoT project's living lab demo environment has been updated with a solution for different monitoring of premises. It can collect data, for example, on the amount of carbon dioxide in the premises, and by processing this data, new information can be generated, for example, on the long-term utilization rates of the premises. On the basis of the real-time utilization rate, up-to-date information on the use of the facilities is available and, for example, in the school premises it is possible to order the maintenance of the facility to perform cleaning or, for example, to control the ventilation when the space has been heavily used based on the data.

The system consists of several parts:

  • 14 IoT monitoring units with different sensors in most of the classrooms at the Kokkola University Center in Chydenius, to collect environmantal sensor data
  • they transmit the measurement data to the Cinet cloud service, which processes data, showing information in illustrative information views
  • Classroom user interfaces that have been tested for real-time condition screens (pictured).

The built-in system also collects data from noise, air humidity, air pressure and temperature. Different informationand stakeholder conclusion can also be produced from this data.