The LoRE-project the goal is to develop, by using digitalization, more cost and energy efficient concept for
environmental monitoring, which will be in the first stage piloted for the needs of environmental authorities monitoring
requirements. In the later stages, the concept will be utilized e.g. mining and industrial environmental monitoring
solutions. Information provided by the easy-to-install and wide-ranging monitoring network supports the development
of less carbon-intensive ways of working utilizing the latest wireless technologies. The aim of the system is to produce
richer real-time information over a larger area (several tens, even hundreds of square kilometers) by collecting all the
information centrally in the same system so that their mutual effects can be directly compared.
The goal of the project is to make use of the new technologies that allow long-range radio communication in the data
transfer, for example, LoRa technology is a viable option. In the utilization of digitalization, the cost-efficiency of data
transfer is essential even in the long term.
Successful pilots in the project requires combining knowledge from different fields of industry and successful pilots
helps to bring the system's strengths and benefits to the attention of the customers and authorities. Successful pilots
allow the adoption of the new system as approved measurement system and thus also allowing possible
commercialization of the system.

  • Use digitalization's potential for environmental monitoring
  • Create a comprehensive environmental monitoring system using the latest wireless technologies
  • Improve the cost and energy efficiency of environmental monitoring and support low carbon principle
  • Enables more effective monitoring of the environment
  • Produce continuously richer measurement data from a wider area
  • Create a monitoring solution for a wide area environmental measurements that can be used by authorities and companies (e.g. process and mining industries)

The project produces a wide-area monitoring solution that increases energy and cost efficiency, and the used concept
model creates new models of operation that support low carbon principle (for example, reducing travel kilometers to
measurement sites, saving time and resources, while eliminating extra work steps of the field measurers). The
monitoring system utilizes the latest wireless technologies, and as a entity, generates a generic solution that can be
utilized by authorities and companies (e.g. process and mining). At the end of the project, the solution is basically
instantaneous transferable or reproducible, anywhere in Finland or even the whole world.


  • A monitoring solution is created, which reduces the cost of measurements and improves energy and material efficiency compared to existing used monitoring methods
  • Provide real-time measurements of a wide area of the environment to support environmental monitoring and decision-making
  • Provide information on the current status of the environment
  • Gives the area owner the opportunity to recognize and respond to problems immediately
  • Provide piloted technology that can be applied, for example, in the process and mining industry