CiNetCampus is video production system of the Master Studies in Mathematical Information Technology at the Kokkola University Consortium Chydenius.

The aim of the development of CiNetCampus has been to improve group forming and interactivity as well as to make video users' administration easier. With the help of the system, students can follow the lectures both as direct transmissions as well as on-demand recordings. Distance students can communicate with the lecturer and among themselves with the help of chat. For face-to-face teaching, there is a so-called lecturer's view built in the system. It helps all those present in the face-to-face space to see both the students participating with the aid of video as well as the discussion held with the help of the application. To log in to the system, the Optima learning environment is used.


CiNetCampusOS license selection toolGenius loci

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