IoT platform

ICT Unit has developed many different wireless platforms for sensor network applications with following hardware: Atmega128L+CC2420 board, Jennic JN5139 modules, Zigbit 2.4GHz and 868Mhz modules. We have named our platform as CiNetNode

CiNetNodeV1 (2004)

Atmega128L+ Chipcon CC2420

CiNetNodeV2 (2009)

Jennic JN5139 (integrated 2.4GHz radio)

CiNetNodeV3 (2013)

Both 2.4GHz and 868MHz versions

CiNetNodeV3 (2013)

CiNetNodeV4 (2015)

CiNetNode v4 (ATXMEGA256 + AT86RF212B)


Currently used wireless IoT platform is our own design and it is based on Atmel's ATxmega256 microcontroller and IEEE802.15.4-compliant radio transceiver (AT86RF215M).

CinetNode v5 (ATXMEGA256 + AT86RF215M)