In our ICT unit, research on IoT (Internet of Things) technologies and applications has been going for a long while. The unit has been developing a wide range of WSN (Wireless Sensor Network) applications, including applications for environmental noise monitoring and building automation. Our new research subject is well-being technology, especially activity monitoring in homes.

The research is carried out mainly with project funding, in cooperation with industry and the society around us. The ICT unit has had a long experience in project activities and in exporting project results to local companies and to our education Master Studies in Mathematical Information Technology. The research has been focused on IoT technologies and applications, sensor networks and the related services such as network management, localization and synchronization. In recent years, wireless environmental noise monitoring has become a new research subject of great interest. Over the years, the unit has accumulated great expertise on wireless technologies, embedded hardware and software, and it has its own WSN/IoT development platform.