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Detecting the clustering of people in by using Internet of Things HAVINA - New video production system in use HAVINA - The new video production system in the pilot stage LIoT project: schoolchildren exploring technology and math HAVINA - New video conferencing service in use SINNE New dust sensor in KIP water level area. LIoT track sitting times with IoT LIoT project and IBM Watson IoT platform applications LIoT project exports IoT know-how to enterprises SmartCampus osallistui EAEEIE konferenssiin Ranskassa IoT project example - Building an IoT controlled live streaming notification system Videochat in use in lectures during the autumn Development of courses is a continuous process Two publications available now SmartCampus is piloting the streaming video quality evaluation tool Ilmoittautuminen Tietotekniikan maisterikoulutuksen tutustumiskursseille alkanut! Learning style module integrated into the CiNetCampus Vidyo integrated into the CiNetCampus