Artifical lake infrastructure monitoring with IoT

One of the LORE project's aim is to create large-scale, long-term (energy efficient) monitoring system using IoT.

The first pilot is in the Patana (Veteli, Finland) reservoir, where the dam structures are monitored by measuring the water depth from different parts of the dam. Nowadays, monitoring is done by manually measuring the level with a tape measure. There are dredged pipes in the dam, which can be checked for water depth.

In the project, the pipes are fitted with sensors that measure the height and temperature of the water column. The information is transmitted wirelessly to the servers from which it can be read and shared with other information systems.

The pilot consist of the sensor nodes ( Zigbee-radio, measuring water depth and temperature) and gateway ( combines Zigbee and LoRaWAN) that enabled low cost and energy efficient data transfer. The sensor code (software, pcb and 3d printed cases) implemented in the project is designed at the University Center.