Dives - increasing flow measuring frequency in water network

Previously, the project has begun to prepare a measurement pilot for the Kokkola water mains network. The goal is to install flow meters utilizing wireless flow measurement in the backbone network, and process the data in the pilot information system of the project.

The measuring devices were installed, and now an additional battery that significantly increases the operating time has now been obtained. Additional batteries were installed at two sites, Rödsö and Oivu. In this way, it is now possible to program a denser measurement and transmission frequency for the measuring devices. It enables the detection of leaks in the backbone network, for example, from the control room of a water utility.

<figure><img alt="" src="/site/assets/files/1333/img_20210813_124242_medium.jpg" style="width:100%;height:auto;" />
<figcaption>Uusi akkupatteristo takaa pidemmän toiminta-ajan normaalia tiheämmällä lähetysvälillä</figcaption>

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<figcaption>Axioma F1 mittalaitteen asennus uudella akkukapasiteetillä</figcaption>