LIoT: Monitoring coffee maker with IoT

The project has built a small IoT demo to illustrate the various components:

  1. A physical device that needs to be monitored and relayed further (Moccamaster)
  2. The technology in which the above state is "sensed" (RuuviTag)
  3. Gateway device that can listen to a variety of nearby communication protocols (RaspberryPI)
  4. Various user interfaces with storage solutions for storing and receiving information. (InfluxDB, Grafana, Slack)

RuuviTag is also a small battery-powered IoT device, a bluetooth beacon, which includes a variety of sensors (temperature, atmospheric pressure, humidity). The project has implemented a demonstration of the temperature of coffee maker, where the RuuviTag is connected to the 4th floor coffee machine.

RuuviTag transmits temperature data wirelessly to a nearby gateway that runs a Java based software storing temperatures in a time-based InfluxDB database. For the demo, a user interface was also implemented using the tool called Grafana. The change in coffee temperatures yields a derivative, ie a slope, from which angle it can be deduced that the coffee is just about to be completed, whether the coffee maker is off a moment or something else. Demo illustrares what can be done with small IoT devices and, for example, card computers.

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