Dives: LoRa network server in test

Dives project aims to get and share knowledge about digital systems relating to IoT-technologies that could be utilizied to water environments. LoRa-technology is a network technology purely targeted at IoT-devices. LoRa network server is used to control data received from the the LoRa gateways and to relay data to end point application servers. Project is now testin Wanesy LoRa network server.

Wanesy Management Center is a very modular and complete solution providing you with Operating Support System (OSS), Base Station Controller (BSC), Radio Network Controller (RNC), and LoRaWAN Network Server (LNS) features to run, monitor and manage your entire IoT network.

This platform not only supports Kerlink Gateways like Wirnet Station, Wirnet iBTS and Wirnet iFemtoCell but is also compatible with 3rd Party Gateways.