The new video production system in the pilot stage

One of the goals of the HAVINA project is to develop solutions that make it possible to organize teaching independently of time and place. In practice, this aims to reduce the time-bound provision of lectures. During the first quarter of the year, the project has built a virtual solution, which allows lecturer to keep lectures from any computer connected to internet at any time.

Such a solution requires a lot of development related to back-end systems because the system is wanted to be highly automated, including the transmission and distribution of video lectures.

By the end of March, the solution has reached the stage where the first lecture videos were produced. At the pilot stage, the solution still needs some handicrafts, but during the first half of the year it is expected that a fully automated version will be available. Solution will then be tested more extensively in connection with the master education program of mathematical information technology.

At a later stage of the project, the generalizability and portability of the solution will also be examined.

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