SmartCampus is piloting the streaming video quality evaluation tool

As streaming videos have become essential part of teaching in higher education, quality of service (QoS) issues should be taken more into consideration. In connection with SmartCampus project the streaming video quality evaluation tool is developed. A pilot version of the tool is integrated in a CiNetCampus environment and being tested with a small group of students.

Approach has been to obtain QoS parameters near the students, and based on those values give feedback about students connection and video playback. For that purpose, a video quality meter was integrated into the learning environment of Master studies of mathematical information technology in Kokkola University Consortium Chydenius. The tool collects quality parameter values from the flash media player. The quality indicator rules were created based on measurements conducted in the test environment. The application shows the student real-time information about the streaming quality in a simple graphical form. The tool serves also the education provider by producing reports about playback information of video lectures the students are streaming.

The results of the pilot will be published in peer rewieved international conference later this year.