SmartCampus took part in EDULEARN2015

Mikko Myllymäki and Sanna Laine took part in EDULEARN2015 conference in Barcelona. The projects research results were presented at the conference in the form of the publication called "The Role of The Learning Styles in Blended Learning".

The research examines students' learning style distributions based on the collected learning style results. The research data includes, in addition to active students, also students who have completed their studies and students whose studies in practice have become interrupted. By making comparisons among these student groups, the aim is to find out whether it would be possible to foresee advancement in studies based on learning style preferences or if the representatives of a certain learning style are in a weaker or stronger position in a multi-faceted education programme. The research also examines possible differences in this respect between the genders and whether these should be taken into account in the development of education. Also the variety in the ways of participation allows the student of the master’s education programme to time the study in accordance with his/her own personal schedule. In earlier research, it was found that students who study in accordance with course schedules performed differently from those who study at their own pace. This research aims to find out whether a learning style affects the study schedule chosen by the student.

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