SmartHome4E project's presentation for Keski-Pohjanmaan maakuntahallitus

SmartHome4E project has been running for 1,5 year now and was a time give short info about project. The project's status was presented to our areas provincial government in Keski-Pohjanmaa (Keski-Pohjanmaan maakuntahallitus).

Here is summary of the presentation

  • Wireless activity monitoring networks have been running since October 2015
  • Overall 7 apartments (habitants) have taken part in to project. There is wireless activity monitoring network and Anvia Akkuna videocall platform in each apartment.
  • Data analysis is still in development, but first versions of web interface has been published in
    • Web application has user authentication and SSL encryption implemented to secure personal information.
    • Data analysis focuses on identifying daily activies of the resident
    • Web application is developed in co-operation with local elderly care


One of project's pilot residents using Akkuna videocall application.