SmartCampus is a virtual and intelligent education solution in which physical and virtual campuses are integrated into a functional whole. SmartCampus enables meaningful, individualized study, both in a traditional face-to-face mode and as a distance study, which corresponds to the needs of the students and which is flexible and results-producing. SmartCampus is formed of several technological solutions that are built on the existing environment where they blend to each other, and of practices evolved with them.

Project Objectives

  • improve interactivity and solutions which promote student participation.
  • increase students' awareness related to their own study strengths.
  • develop remote laboratory solutions.
  • improve the quality control of education and create new quality control tools.
  • make teaching more efficient by paying more attention to the possibilities provided by the SmartCampus environment.
  • improve the usability of the SmartCampus solution.
  • develop the practices of digital recognition of competence.

Project Results

For educational organizations, the work carried out by the project creates solutions with which it is possible to meet the challenges posed by life-long learning and rapid changes in working life.

From the viewpoint of students, the project makes it possible to participate in the education offered, individually and according to the needs of each student.

Ismo Hakala, professor

Head of Information Technology Unit

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Mikko Myllymäki, research coordinator

Information technology, teaching, research and projects

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