EAKR Vipuvoimaa EU:lta 2014-2020 Keski-Pohjanmaan liitto KOSEK Kokkola

Project aims to bring focus to the emerging opportunities of the Internet of Things to the Central Ostrobothnia area businesses and to enable companies to start to discover and take advantage of them and utilize them, both to enchance productivity and to start new business and to find new business models. The project aims to create a Living Lab style demo environment to connect small and mid-sized businesses to the reseach and development organisations as well as other major IoT businesses. The environment will also allow the creation, testing of new IoT ideas and solutions, products and services. The IoT environment also aims to showcase some readily available IoT solutions to local businesses created around the world.

Project objectives

  • Make way for the Internet of Things in small and medium size businesses of the Central Ostrobothnian and nearby areas, both as a new business opportunity enabler and daily business enhancer.
  • To build and prepare a novel IoT demo environment to gather and showcase latest implementations of iInternet of Things, displaying solutions built and already utilized locally as well as innovations from around the world.
  • To implement agile IoT technology pilots in co-operation with region's businesses, in the context of Living Lab - actual living environment - , developing, deploying and testing new technologies and new ways to get things done and to create new business.

Project results

  • To disseminate information about the possibiliest of Internet of Things to the Kokkola area businesses and companies..
  • Businesses gain knowledge about wide variety of possibilities that emerge from the utilization of Internet of Things technologies, hardware and solutions, to enhance current processes, to produce new business intelligence and data, and to start new IoT business..
  • Living Lab style environment enables to showcase and demonstrate new IoT technolgies and solutions among different business areas as well as it makes possible the developement, deployment and testing of ideas emerging from businesses in Central Ostrobotnian area.

Ismo Hakala, professor

Head of Information Technology Unit

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Veli-Matti Tornikoski, project manager

Information technology, teaching, research and projects

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