Vipuvoimaa EU:lta 2014-2020 EAKR Keski-Pohjanmaan liitto Kokkolan kaupunki

SCIP - Smart City Innovation Platform and Infrastructure for Rapid and Large-Scale Utilization of new Solutions from Research and Innovation

The SCIP project seeks solutions to the urban digital revolution by bringing together different actors (R&D and educational organizations and collaborating Universities and DIHs, ICT and technology companies, city and urban administrative and business actors) to form a Smart City Innovation Hub and developing a new and open smart city innovation platform that enables the development and piloting of a variety of data-driven technologies, concepts and products suitable for smart cities. The innovation hub and platform will enable new types of co-development and knowledge utilization for companies, city representatives, researchers, students and residents in the city. The implementation of the platform will consider previous results in cities piloting similar concepts. The project also aims to make the IoT networks in the region the most comprehensive (LoRAWAN, 5G technologies) and to increase the skills of the actors and the target group in relation to these. Utilizing the platform and infrastructure, the goal is to build smart city applications that use data collected from the city's and companies' environments and further processed into value data, which are related to solving new types of needs that interest the city, citizens, and urban businesses. The aim of the project is to find solutions that can be productized and commercialized through the implementation of pilots and to search for further development paths for the most promising pilots and to link to various Smart City networks.


  • Bringing together actors and know-how to form a smart city innovation hub
  • Map and benchmark different digital Smart City implementations from different parts and collect the best ideas from them as reference material
  • Define and develop an open smart city co-development innovation platform and infrastructure
  • Activate SMEs to take advantage of the platform to develop, pilot and test new products suitable for application areas in smart city environments
  • The aim is to combine the data collected from different sensors and generated by the systems in the platform and to utilize them comprehensively in the development and management of new services and in the creation of new business opportunities for companies.
  • The aim is to implement various smart city applications on the platform that utilize the data collected and produced on the platform, which are related to solving new types of needs that are of interest to the city, citizens and urban businesses.
  • Networking with smart city programs and the cities that implement them


  • Smart city innovation center for companies, residents and municipal organizations with different needs in the subject area
  • Smart city innovation platform and infrastructure that serves as a digital data repository and interface platform for a wide range of urban information and new technologies
  • New innovative services and pioneering solutions for the utilization of digitalization are created on the platform through city and business pilots
  • Enables anyone to build new, open data pilots and products in the future by anyone
  • Networking and information exchange with other national and international digitizing cities

The main sponsor of the project is the Central Ostrobothnia Association. The city of Kokkola and companies in the Central Ostrobothnia region are participating in the project. The project has started in the autumn of 2021 and will last until the summer of 2023.

Hankkeen projektipäällikkö

Mika Alanko, project manager

Information technology, teaching, research and projects

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Hankkeen vastaava johtaja

Veli-Matti Tornikoski, project manager

Information technology, teaching, research and projects

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Vipuvoimaa EU:lta 2014-2020 EAKR Keski-Pohjanmaan liitto Kokkolan kaupunki