DecentLab DL-PR26 groundwater monitoring in Veteli

Vipuvoimaa EU:lta 2014-2020 EAKR

In the DiVes project, automatic monitoring of the groundwater level is being piloted The pilot target is the underground water pipes located in Veteli. The project tests Decentlab's DL-PR26 device, which enables remote monitoring of water level in open water, fill level of tanks, groundwater level and various other applications. It measures the pressure at the sensor head relative to the pressure at the cable end (device enclosure). When the sensor head is placed under water (or any other liquid), the relative pressure indicates the depth of the sensor head. The measuring head of the sensor also contains a sensor for temperature measurement. DL-PR26 enables measurement from a maximum depth of 10m

The aim is to gain new knowledge and experiences and to test a new way to operate, perhaps replacing the manually executed measurements. The aim is to also test automatic measurement technologies and processes and how they could be incorporated into existing systems and processes.

Aleksi Ala-Korpi(Vetelin water) ja Timo Hongell University Consortium Kokkola checking the details of the installation

Decentlab DL-PR26 transmits measurement data using LoRaWAN radio technology. LoRaWAN radio technology enables measurement data to be transmitted up to tens of kilometers away. In the project, the information is transmitted either to the project's own LoRa base station in Kavo's mast or using Digita's LoRa radio network.

Initially, the data will be visualized in the data platform built in the project, but the pilot will also test how to export the data to the water utility's remote monitoring system.

Measured groundwater levels can be viewed throught project's GUI

Link to datasheet Decentlab DL-PR26

Extra information

Veli-Matti Tornikoski, project manager
Timo Hongell, project manager